The Undressed Salad

It is a known fact that I am not too fond of salads. And with all the creamy dressings being counter productive to having a healthy lunch, my goal was to create a salad I would enjoy eating consistently.

When making this simple salad I chose ingredients which I enjoy eating separately. Combining all my favourites allows me to modify the salad incase I may not have a certain ingredient or I don’t have the time to cut up all the veggies.

I am one to skip the vinegar or oil dressing wherever I can, just as a preference. Therefore in order to keep this dish salad dressing free I am relying on the fresh, true taste of the veggies to cater to my tastebuds. Leaving the veggies dressing free will also help in becoming accustomed to the taste that way you'll be more willing to try a side salad (Lord knows I love my fries). 

How I build my salad:

                      the key ingredients🔑

                      the key ingredients🔑

  • 2 cups of Spinach (a great alternative to lettuce/ or opt for Kale if you're willing!)

  • 1 Tomato

  • ½ Cucumber

  • 1 Avocado

  • ¼ Red pepper

  • ¼ Green Pepper

  • ½ Parsley/Cilantro

  • 1 Jalapeno (Optional)

  • Coriander and Cumin Powder

  • Lemon/Lime to taste

  • Pepper to taste

To prep the salad, I simply chop everything in large pieces to be quick, stick a lemon or lime half in the container, add my seasonings, and leave the avocado in its entirety. When I'm ready to feast I'll mix up all the veggies plus spices with the avocado and then squeeze the lemon last so everything remains fresh and crunchy.

This salad is great for work or school since the salad remains fresh and dry until the avocado is mixed in. Adding the avocado gives the salad a creamy almost guac-like texture… and who doesn’t like guacamole?

I know this salad isn't anything to call home about, but making healthy choices doesn't have to be complicated or extremely fascinating. It is critical that eating well is practical and not a chore.

Wait till I show you other oh-so-healthy low prep meals that will spin your head right round, right round. 

Speak Soon,