A Tool That Makes My Mom Love My Makeup

Have you ever looked at your favourite celebrity and wondered, DANNNGGG her face is flawless. So you feel inspired and get out your favourite foundation that you worked so hard to colour match your skin, place the product on your face, take your foundation brush, and smear the foundation all over your face. Layer after layer....only to look like a hot mess!

Have you tried stepping away from you buffing or foundation brush and tried a sponge? I don't mean the triangle sponges- we've done that and learned its only great for models who don't have to deal with their critical moms. But take it from me, if my mom tells me my skin looks good, chances are I've used a damp sponge to apply my makeup. 

Let's discuss what I mean by sponge. There are so many on the market today, how do you know which one to pick? Well the OG (Original Gangster) of the beauty sponge was the Beauty Blender. It's an egg shaped sponge that you use damp. And you can apply both liquid and powders with the Beauty Blender.

Since the release of the Original Beauty Blender, they have release many other version (all claiming to do the same thing) so you can choose what colour you'd like! 

Although the Beauty Blender is on the higher end of the price range at a whopping $28 CAD take it from a die hard bargainer...it is worth your money, here is why:

The sponge formulation of the Beauty Blender is patented! The sponge is latex free, only made with vegetable dyes so those who have sensitive skin don't need to worry, and finally the sponge is made so it does not eat up your expensive foundations- rather the foundation sits on top of the sponge so it applies streak-free. This very sponge creates the most natural airbrushed finish on your face that is truly red carpet ready.

If you clean your Beauty Blender properly and regularly then your Beauty Blender should last you just as long. My first beauty blender was purchased in 2014 as an impulse purchase, and if you've seen my videos I still use that same one today. 


Check out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as an amazing dupe/cheaper alternative!!

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is sold on the Real Techniques website, at Walmart, and on Amazon. I purchased mine from Amazon for under $10. Although it was my first time using the sponge, I definitely see why it makes for a great alternative. The design is so sleek and easy to use and the flat edge is my jammmmm!!! 

The Complexion Sponge offers a more full coverage look while still looking natural, whereas the Beauty Blender allows your skin to peak through the foundation. It really is all about preference. In the video below you can see an in depth comparison of how the foundation applies, followed with my concealer, full liquid contour+highlight, and cream blush.

Why do these two sponges give a flawless finish?
- The sponge must be wet for you to get a smooth finish
- Remove any excess water by squeezing the sponge into a paper towel
- You must use a foundation that is a consistency thicker than water
- Press/dab the product onto your face using rolling motions

If you stuck it out this far, then you're the real OG!! See both sponges in action below in a video review.

Do you already own one of these beauty sponges? Let me know your thoughts!

Speak soon,