Brighten Up!

With a spring-like winter and a winter-like spring, Mother Nature has been playing mind games with us. I know my winter blues have been taking over my style and makeup routine. SOOO....To break out of this rut I thought I'd try and create a look that is super fun and easy to do for the festival season!

I am a die hard neutral girl, I love the taupes, the warm browns, the olive tones, and the deep cranberries on my lid. But since music festivals have been so popular in the last few years, its even more exciting to figure out how you can stay comfortable, jam to the beats, and have a unique look. 

I was browsing for inspiration pictures but all I could find were sultry boho-chic looks,  which are great and something I would definitely wear. But then I came across this pic of Jhene Aiko on her Instagram. And it seemed like the most perfect look to modify to anyone's liking. If you want to stick to the deep smokey eye and the white dots then that will definitely enhance your tan. To me this was the perfect opportunity to break out of my shell and try some of the colour shadows I own and never dip into. 


Another reason why I love this look so much is that it is completely customizable! You can do deep jewel shades, pale pastels, dark gothic-chic, etc...ANYTHING You don't have to go out to buy anything new, you can use whatever you have and create your own harmonious look. 

Well below is my recreation of Jhene Aiko's look in its colourful form...Let me know what you think and tag me in the creation of your festival look!

Speak Soon,