Clear Face Travel Tips

I am one to always pack a suitcase to its brim, and then some more. But one thing I have learned over the years of constantly flying and traveling is I'd rather have my skin look great than take an extra outfit. 

Flying to and from your destination can take a toll on you skin. The recycled airplane air makes your skin dry and dehydrated causing you to leave the aircraft with an oily face and a guaranteed blemish- which can be a sour start to your fun holiday. 

So I wanted to share my tips and tricks that I use to keep my acne-prone skin at bay and make sure I am taking the right products to help keep my skin looking its best while I'm on vacation. 

Rule one: Dry/dehydrated skin = Oily Skin/Blemishes
To avoid walking off the plane with a pimple, I  apply a face oil, then a moisturizer, and then finish by adding hydrating face mask. 

To give my skin extra hydration while I'm on the plane I take a travel sized facial mist. I give myself a quick spritz when I feel my skin losing its moisture. 

Rule two: Trust me no one is looking at how you look
Wearing a full face of make up or foundation is setting yourself up for disaster. When you're flying your skin is in need of moisture, and will take in what you wear on the surface. So if you feed your skin foundation (which is generally pigment and chemicals), you're just asking for skin irritation. Simply applying a light layer of concealer where necessary, mascara, and your favourite lipstick will be more then enough to look put together.

Rule three: H-Two-the izz-O (H20)
When the lovely air staff on board comes around to ask you if you'd like a complimentary Coke, Coffee, or Water? PICK WATER. Give your body as much water as possible and choose the aisle seat so you can use the lavatory if need be. Drinking lots of water on the flight will help your skin remain plump and eye bags clear of the blueish-purple rings. I like to take the small bottles they provide and keep one handy, take it through security empty, and fill it up before sitting at my gate. This way I can start hydrating before getting on the airplane and save a couple of extra bucks.

Rule four: Disinfect, Sanitize, or frankly...wash your hands.
It is inevitable that you are bound to touch surfaces that other people have touched. But that also means you are likely to touch your face with those same grimy germs. Simply cleaning the germs and avoiding touching your face can help a lot from spreading bacteria from your fingers to your face. 

Well if you've made it this far, great! Those were my tips to keep my skin healthy while you're airborne. But if you'd like to see the products I use during my vacations check out the video below.

Let me know how you take care of your skin when traveling!

Speak Soon,