Classic Red Lip

Every since fall started I have just been crazy about dark mauve-y lips, berry tones, and deep purple shades. But I recently got bored of wearing the same colour family all the time... sometimes you just want to go Red Ross. 

 (give it up for a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reference)

I was sent this stunning picture of Deepika Padukone and of course as always I was in awe. Her simple greyish eyes paired with a bright red lip just showed elegance. But it seemed like I couldn't find a close up- of course I also refuse to update my Instagram so I can "zoom"- psh who needs that kind of luxury.

But the internet works in mysterious ways. As I was searching for pictures for my hair as one does, I came across a very similar look worn by selfie god Kim Kardashian. 

I couldn't resist. So I took the plunge and got myself a bright red that would suit my skin tone. 

Choosing your red:
It's always tough to find your perfect shade of red. Nowadays the options are endless: bright red, deep red, coral red, raspberry red, neon red, brick red, and just plain old red. Even I have a few reds that I feel work for me and even more that don't.  I personally prefer a blue-toned red which really makes my skin look golden and my teeth beam bright white. Orange-y reds really over power my face and I feel super awkward wearing a fire engine red. 

Therefore I opted to use the Sephora Cream Lip Stain Always Red 01  ($14) which is by far the best red I have ever tried. I quickly like to line my lips with any burgundy lip liner that crosses my path to deepen the colour ever so slightly and I go in with a nice thin layer of the liquid lipstick. This formula is dry, matte, and non-transferable- it's ah-mazing. My quick tip is to wear a really thick lip balm or lip mask a few min before applying the lip stain and then just kissing off the balm gently. You want to retain as much moisture to the lips so the lip stain doesn't fall into the lip lines or even worse...........crumbles. 

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 9.13.14 PM.png

If you want to see how to recreate the Classic Red Lip look check out my video below, and let me know what you think!

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Lash Extensions

About three weeks ago I had my first ever set of lash extensions put in for my trip to Mexico. I was anxious to see the results as I laid there while the aesthetician worked hard for almost two full hours. I had seen a ton of pictures of before and afters, I looked at a bunch of different styles and diagrams. All in all I had no idea what the difference was from a D curl to a J curl. All I wanted was lots of volume and decent length. 

Now I know my regular lashes are not disappointing, but as a wearer of false lashes, I enjoy the feeling of having fancy lashes.

Essentially I got the most volume that was possible and medium length. As much as I want my eyelashes to touch my brows, girl's still got to go to work and look normal. You'd think people will notice, it's not really the case. Mostly everyone questions their own instinct to ask if I'm wearing false lashes- they usually think they're natural, which is perfect! Thereafter I normally say, oh no they're extensions...and the jaws drop.

Although lash extensions seem so mundane and time consuming, they are supremely worth it. I wear zilch makeup around my eyes, since I feel like my eyes have enough glam on their own. So my morning makeup routine went from 20 minutes to 4 minutes. It went from an extravagant winged liner to simply an inner corner highlight if I'm feeling fancy. These lashes just save time,  and since time is money, that is now money that I will spend on more lashes. 


So it is advised that you go every 2-3 weeks depending on fall out, if your a lash picker these may not be the best choice for you. I don't really pick at my lashes unless they feel clumpy. Since these lash extensions don't get clumpy if you take care of them, they lasted 3 weeks on me. Keep in mind I was not kind to these lashes, I went swimming in a chlorine pool daily, went cave diving, lived in 80% humidity, wore makeup, wore false lashes on top of the extensions, and so much more!! 

Here are my tips and thoughts:

  • It costs less to get a fill then a full set, so if you know you'll be getting them, it's more cost-effective to do fills 
  • If you're a contact lens wearer, remove them before the lash application
  • Since the glue releases fumes that may pain slightly so make sure you keep your eyes shut the whole time. DON'T WORRY THE FUMES AREN'T GOING TO DAMAGE YOUR EYE IN ANY WAY
  • Be honest, if something feels uncomfortable let the staff know, they'll know exactly how to fix it
  • Pee before you start, since the process is an hour or longer and you can't get up once they start applying the lashes
  • Stay away from waterproof mascara, I didn't know and I applied it a few days before my fill and it totally removed some of the extensions. 

I'll leave the details of the salon I went to get the extensions put in, as well as some pictures of the before & after, what they look like when they're freshly put on, and how a fill looks like. 

Where I went:

Aspect Beauty Lounge
866 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON N2B 2B8








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A Tool That Makes My Mom Love My Makeup

Have you ever looked at your favourite celebrity and wondered, DANNNGGG her face is flawless. So you feel inspired and get out your favourite foundation that you worked so hard to colour match your skin, place the product on your face, take your foundation brush, and smear the foundation all over your face. Layer after layer....only to look like a hot mess!

Have you tried stepping away from you buffing or foundation brush and tried a sponge? I don't mean the triangle sponges- we've done that and learned its only great for models who don't have to deal with their critical moms. But take it from me, if my mom tells me my skin looks good, chances are I've used a damp sponge to apply my makeup. 

Let's discuss what I mean by sponge. There are so many on the market today, how do you know which one to pick? Well the OG (Original Gangster) of the beauty sponge was the Beauty Blender. It's an egg shaped sponge that you use damp. And you can apply both liquid and powders with the Beauty Blender.

Since the release of the Original Beauty Blender, they have release many other version (all claiming to do the same thing) so you can choose what colour you'd like! 

Although the Beauty Blender is on the higher end of the price range at a whopping $28 CAD take it from a die hard is worth your money, here is why:

The sponge formulation of the Beauty Blender is patented! The sponge is latex free, only made with vegetable dyes so those who have sensitive skin don't need to worry, and finally the sponge is made so it does not eat up your expensive foundations- rather the foundation sits on top of the sponge so it applies streak-free. This very sponge creates the most natural airbrushed finish on your face that is truly red carpet ready.

If you clean your Beauty Blender properly and regularly then your Beauty Blender should last you just as long. My first beauty blender was purchased in 2014 as an impulse purchase, and if you've seen my videos I still use that same one today. 


Check out the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge as an amazing dupe/cheaper alternative!!

The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is sold on the Real Techniques website, at Walmart, and on Amazon. I purchased mine from Amazon for under $10. Although it was my first time using the sponge, I definitely see why it makes for a great alternative. The design is so sleek and easy to use and the flat edge is my jammmmm!!! 

The Complexion Sponge offers a more full coverage look while still looking natural, whereas the Beauty Blender allows your skin to peak through the foundation. It really is all about preference. In the video below you can see an in depth comparison of how the foundation applies, followed with my concealer, full liquid contour+highlight, and cream blush.

Why do these two sponges give a flawless finish?
- The sponge must be wet for you to get a smooth finish
- Remove any excess water by squeezing the sponge into a paper towel
- You must use a foundation that is a consistency thicker than water
- Press/dab the product onto your face using rolling motions

If you stuck it out this far, then you're the real OG!! See both sponges in action below in a video review.

Do you already own one of these beauty sponges? Let me know your thoughts!

Speak soon, 


Brighten Up!

With a spring-like winter and a winter-like spring, Mother Nature has been playing mind games with us. I know my winter blues have been taking over my style and makeup routine. SOOO....To break out of this rut I thought I'd try and create a look that is super fun and easy to do for the festival season!

I am a die hard neutral girl, I love the taupes, the warm browns, the olive tones, and the deep cranberries on my lid. But since music festivals have been so popular in the last few years, its even more exciting to figure out how you can stay comfortable, jam to the beats, and have a unique look. 

I was browsing for inspiration pictures but all I could find were sultry boho-chic looks,  which are great and something I would definitely wear. But then I came across this pic of Jhene Aiko on her Instagram. And it seemed like the most perfect look to modify to anyone's liking. If you want to stick to the deep smokey eye and the white dots then that will definitely enhance your tan. To me this was the perfect opportunity to break out of my shell and try some of the colour shadows I own and never dip into. 


Another reason why I love this look so much is that it is completely customizable! You can do deep jewel shades, pale pastels, dark gothic-chic, etc...ANYTHING You don't have to go out to buy anything new, you can use whatever you have and create your own harmonious look. 

Well below is my recreation of Jhene Aiko's look in its colourful form...Let me know what you think and tag me in the creation of your festival look!

Speak Soon, 


Clear Face Travel Tips

I am one to always pack a suitcase to its brim, and then some more. But one thing I have learned over the years of constantly flying and traveling is I'd rather have my skin look great than take an extra outfit. 

Flying to and from your destination can take a toll on you skin. The recycled airplane air makes your skin dry and dehydrated causing you to leave the aircraft with an oily face and a guaranteed blemish- which can be a sour start to your fun holiday. 

So I wanted to share my tips and tricks that I use to keep my acne-prone skin at bay and make sure I am taking the right products to help keep my skin looking its best while I'm on vacation. 

Rule one: Dry/dehydrated skin = Oily Skin/Blemishes
To avoid walking off the plane with a pimple, I  apply a face oil, then a moisturizer, and then finish by adding hydrating face mask. 

To give my skin extra hydration while I'm on the plane I take a travel sized facial mist. I give myself a quick spritz when I feel my skin losing its moisture. 

Rule two: Trust me no one is looking at how you look
Wearing a full face of make up or foundation is setting yourself up for disaster. When you're flying your skin is in need of moisture, and will take in what you wear on the surface. So if you feed your skin foundation (which is generally pigment and chemicals), you're just asking for skin irritation. Simply applying a light layer of concealer where necessary, mascara, and your favourite lipstick will be more then enough to look put together.

Rule three: H-Two-the izz-O (H20)
When the lovely air staff on board comes around to ask you if you'd like a complimentary Coke, Coffee, or Water? PICK WATER. Give your body as much water as possible and choose the aisle seat so you can use the lavatory if need be. Drinking lots of water on the flight will help your skin remain plump and eye bags clear of the blueish-purple rings. I like to take the small bottles they provide and keep one handy, take it through security empty, and fill it up before sitting at my gate. This way I can start hydrating before getting on the airplane and save a couple of extra bucks.

Rule four: Disinfect, Sanitize, or frankly...wash your hands.
It is inevitable that you are bound to touch surfaces that other people have touched. But that also means you are likely to touch your face with those same grimy germs. Simply cleaning the germs and avoiding touching your face can help a lot from spreading bacteria from your fingers to your face. 

Well if you've made it this far, great! Those were my tips to keep my skin healthy while you're airborne. But if you'd like to see the products I use during my vacations check out the video below.

Let me know how you take care of your skin when traveling!

Speak Soon, 


Pearl, Champagne Pop, & Blushed Copper

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors have been all the rave in the last two years, whether they are liquid or pressed, they are everything you need to get the candlelight glow. Over the holidays (Dec 2015) Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill had collaborated released a limited edition trio highlight palette. Even though this specific palette is no longer available- ALL three shades that are being reviewed can be purchased online or in store from Sephora

The packaging on this palette is super sleek and study, unlike the regular compact packaging which is prone to shatter. The trio is a compact travel-friendly option for those who like to have options on-the-go or even want to mix to customize their glow. 

Looking at the shades provided we have three- Pearl, Champagne Pop, and Blushed Copper. 

Pearl swatches to be a stark white pigment- great for fair to medium skin, I prefer to lightly dust this over my cheekbones and the inner corners of my eyes to capture light. 

If you have not heard about the coveted Champagne Pop- feel free to lift that rock you've been living under and say hello to the lightest, brightest, and most stunning highlighter you will ever see. Oh, and the best part, it is now a part of the permanent Becca Cosmetics line. 

Champagne Pop is a peachy-gold that makes you look 'hella' lit from within. The finely milled formula captures the light and brings out a natural yet super glowly highlight.  Luckily this shade will work for most everyone. Be weary if you are fair...this shade would not be suitable for extremely fair skin, but if you have even the slightest tan or olive undertone, you do not need to look any further.

Blushed Copper is an interesting choice to be a highlighter, Blushed Copper is a rust-gold shade. This shade would be beautiful for deep skin for the top of the cheeks, although on my skin it works best as a blush topper, If I'm feeling super glam I will take some on a synthetic flat eyeshadow brush, spray it with MAC Fixed+ and dab it on the centre of my lid to capture the light beautifully. 

Over all these highlighters are everythingggg, in my opinion they apply best with a fan brush or even a damp Beauty Blender. 

Do you own any of these or other Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors?  Tell me below what you think of them :)

Speak soon,